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Marten Weber in the Huffington Post

Marten Weber: "Gabriel"

Gabriel cover picture by David Vance.


"Gabriel is Marten Weber's most serious book yet.
And his most fascinating."


Reader Reaction to "Gabriel"

Marten Weber is a writer to watch—he really knows the true meaning of the word literature and that is what he writes. “Gabriel” is his newest book and I must say that he took the challenge I gave him with his book on Casanova’s gay brother in his prior book.

This is the story of loss of innocence and the onset of love. The book is set in China in the world of diplomacy and intrigue. Dealing with themes of culture shock, greed and racism we get a sprawling novel about two men who after losing all they ever believed in found each other.

Weber really knows how to tell a story and while this book is a far cry from Casanova’s brother, the same beautiful prose, wry humor and powerful story are present. We are totally aware of Weber’s commitment to his writing and the research he had done in order to give us a fascinating story. He is not afraid to give us a flawed character as he does in Gabriel and I think it is his flaw that endears him to us.

It is really difficult to guess what happens next in the novel even though clues are present. One of the great things about Marten Weber is how he uses twists and turns. He also uses his characters to give opinions that are in effect social critiques. However, what really stands out is his use of detail and how he imparts those details to us. He writes in layers and he does not hold back if he wants to make a point. I think that some may find him wordy and long-winded but that is exactly what I love about his work. There is a certain intellectualism to his novels and especially in “Gabriel”. The book may come across as dark to some readers but that is probably because of the social criticism. I say “hooray” for that. I suppose that some will see “Gabriel” as a fable about avarice and greed within a political thriller but it is also a novel about discovering self.



Reader Reviews
Marten Weber’s Gabriel is a complex tale of innocence lost and love won. Against the backdrop of a rising China, we witness culture shock and racism, cruelty and greed, while also gaining a fascinating insight into the world of diplomacy and big business. Overwhelmed by the world around them, two men lose everything they believe in, in order to find each other.

This fantastic tale of a modern-day
angel is a parable of human avarice and selfishness, a political thriller, a story of self-discovery, but ultimately, a simple love story.

The book weaves together two narrative strands:
On the one hand we witness the coming of age of a sublimely beautiful young boy. Just out of school, he is confronted with a host of stimulating experiences which quickly transform his understanding of the world and his own sexuality. He is brutally exploited for his good looks; loved, envied and finally viciously attacked for his unearthly charms.

On the other side of the world, in a proudly rising China, we meet a diplomat trying to free an innocent prisoner from jail. He is fighting sleaze and corruption, a lethargic bureaucracy, and the dissolution of his own marriage to an activist wife who can hardly cope with the cruel facts of life surrounding her.

In Marten Weber's telltale literary style of sensitive honesty and keen observation, the two sides come together in a love story that will knock your wings off.





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