These stories are really very well written, unlike so many of the new gay erotica digital books.
This guy writes intriguing stories. A must have for your queer library.

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"Hoppa" is a collection of ten stories with a common subject of chance encounters between men, gay, straight, or bisexual, from different backgrounds; men who meet for passionate, often hurried embraces that have long-lasting consequences; sexual encounters which change their lives forever.

We meet high-powered executives falling in love with Spanish rugby players at Heathrow airport; German bankers who find their lives turned upside down by Russian brothel owners, or lust after Taiwanese basketball stars; American hustlers who fall for airline captains; an army IT specialist whose libido has a profound influence on a group of adolescent athletes; a French executive on his morning train to Paris, disturbed by the image of a sleeping soldier, and many more.


Reader Reactions to Hoppa

Hoppa is a spell binding work of erotica that is engaging and exhilarating. The writing pulls the reader into the character as a dominating man finds love for, maybe, the first time. The story will leave you wanting more from this amazingly engaging author. Michael Green

Men from different cultures, social spheres, and languages, brought together by pure chance, through the power of love and lust – Exhilarating! Keep writing! — Paul F.

You continually amaze me. How do you inhabit the personas of your protagonists with such authority? —Bob

Absolutely fantastic writing for a global age! I fell in love with every one of your characters.

Obsession is probably the best gay story ever written. — J. Peterson

I got a pair of soggy boxers in the laundry that are telling me you wrote a fucking fantastic story there. Thanks for taking the time man, I for one got off really hard to your work. My nuts are your two newest, and hairiest, fans. — Tom

This book is a compilation of several short stories. I am not one who is exactly thrilled at short stories - no thanks to those many short stories flooding the kindle stores. However, I am glad I picked Hoppa and Other Stories to read. [...] I did not like all the stories. Some stories stood out better than the rest. However, it was '33' that got me really hooked on Marten's idea of imaginative and hopeful guy-meets-guy. So wonderful that I am longing for more stories like this.[Link]

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